Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Love of Travelocity

   No matter what obscure travel site I find, union discount I have, tip I get from reading online, my travel research always returns me to Travelocity.  

    I have tried almost all of,,, through Costco, through my alma mater(s), and lots more.

    Mostly I love Travelocity because as much as I scour the internet, I always find the lowest prices on Travelocity.  I don’t find many people talking about this online, I know money can be a taboo topic....but how can I not talk about going to Curacao for $700 (hotel and air) AND staying at a Hilton. 

    That’s cheap to me, is it for other people?

     I also appreciate Travelocity’s format.  Out of all the major, and less well known travel sites, Travelocity, to me, is the most simple to navigate, compare, and do specific searches.  

    I, luckily, have not had to deal too much with any sort of customer service in my travels.  Last year, however, we bought a package for Tokyo a week before the earth quake and tsunami. We would have loved to still go, but after closely following the nuclear crisis, we decided it was the best idea not to go.  Travelocity helped us work with the hotel and airlines and we got a full refund.

   I don't think any customer service can compare to those saints at Geico, but Travelocity's has been very helpful to us.

   In case anyone was wondering, this is a genuine love, and I have no connection to Travelocity whatsoever. 

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